[sslh] sslh vs. haproxy -- ssh over https

Alexander Huemer cheegheit6eG at xx.vu
Tue Aug 13 11:36:09 UTC 2019


I was recently looking into possibilities to multiplex several services 
onto a single tcp port and found the obvious technologies sslh and 
After trying out both I believe I found distinctive features of the two
solutions and would like to clarify whether my impressions are correct.

So far I have only tested https and ssh multiplexing with sslh, that 
works entirely without fuzz.

With haproxy I have tested a bit more and believe I have found a feature 
that haproxy provided that sslh is lacking. Please confirm/deny if you 
can: 'ssh over https' in contrast to ssh over port 443 shared with 
https. Can sslh do that as well? If so, where can I find documentation?

Apart from that feature it seems like sslh is actually more versatile 
than haproxy for multiplexing as putting services like openvpn on 443 
also seems straight forward with sslh whereas the haproxy people advise 
their tool is not the right one for such task.

Kind regards,
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